About us

A Passion Turned into business that we enjoy doing it.

dates back to 2012 when me and DouDou first met right after i moved to China,  DouDou's passion about Jewelry design and making dates 5 years before that where she used to work for a Korean fashion jewelry Company as a designer. Her Passion about design and my passion about business made us establish our first showroom in 2012. with the flourishing of e-commerce in China we decided to market our products locally on one of the famous Chinese E-Commerce Platforms in 2014. Since Me and DouDou like to be involved in everything tiny details of our business, this was a key factor for our success. Now with the help of another professional Makers (Lisa, Cherry, Coco and Dandan) we decided to to expand our E-Commerce presence to international platform. we hope that you will like our products that we make from our heart with passion and love.